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The Gaia Gang is a member-based female empowerment network. We offer events and network for women only, focusing on the value of strength, confidence and personal growth.We want to help boost young women's self-esteem and confidence and inspire and motivate to become an even more unique and awesome version of themselves. Most importantly we want to create a global network of young, strong, bad-ass women, who support and cheer for each other. 

All girls are welcome to take part in The Gaia Gang and together we will play, laugh, dream and motivate each other.

As a members of The Gaia Gang you will be able to join our monthly events for free, sign up for our Gaia Burlesque classes and get amazing deals with our partners. 


What we offer.

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Join The Gaia Gang and get access to our events, burlesque classes, deals with our partners and take part of an awesome girls network. 

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The Gaia Gang arrange one event a month, with different topics and speakers. We will also do events with some of our partners.  

Join the fun. More information here!


Get in touch with your feminine superpowers with our burlesque inspired 

danse classes.

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"All girls should join the The Gaia Gang. Always inspiring and fun, and it is wonderful to take part of a network with so many amazing ladies.

"I feel a lot more self-confident after attending 
the Gaia Burlesque classes"  

about us.

Shewit Yemane is the Country Manager of The Gaia Gang Uk. Together with the Founder of The Gaia Gang, Emilie Roll, she spends all her energy and focus on building The Gaia Gang to the biggest girl network in London. 
We want to create a space where self-esteem, confidence and big dreams are nurtured. Where girls come together and cheer for each other and inspire each other.

We know that we can make a change and inspire and motivate with our events and network.
We have a great passion for our work, we dream big and believe that anything is possible. We are ready to conquer  the world ... are you joining the fun?



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