We love our new partner Floating Oslo, a floating center run by a super sweet couple in the heart of Oslo. Floating is a unique experience - a great way to relax and meditate. When you float you lie in a tank with high concentrated salt water, which makes you float. The water is at body temperature and with ear plugs in and the tank’s interior lights off, the quietness and the darkness allow the mind to drift into the deepest state of relaxation possible. In addition to general well being, floating has a lot of benefits both physically and mentally. Check out www.floatingoslo.no for more info. At Floating Oslo they also offer Pandora Star light treatment, which is an amazing experience. We've been trying out both the floating and the light treatment and we're so happy that we've partnered up with Floating Oslo and can offer our members great prices! Pre-registration for The Gaia Gang membership is open. Go to www.thegaiagang.com to register.