Launch partey

August 25th was a very exciting day for us! Thanks to all you amazing people who joined us at Vingen to celebrate the launch of The Gaia Gang Membership with us. From now on The Gaia Gang is membership based, which means you have to be a member to be able to attend our events and courses. If you sign up as a member you will get free access to all our events, be able to sign up for Gaia Burlesque and you will also get amazing deals with our incredible partners that will empower you in different ways. If you want to join our gang, sign up at The launch party was so much fun - and we would love to give a shout out to Vingen Bar for having us, to our performers Tuva Johnsen Skjervø, Gina Madelen Andreassen, Moa Alexandra Engelbrektsson, to DJ Henriette Vindenes, Tim Wendelboe for delicious coffee and Beauty House Oslo, Råjuice and Bikram Hot Yoga Oslo for amazing giveaways! Photos by Lara Long and Pierre Romain Guerin.