It's the second Sunday of advent - which means we'll let you in on the second calendar gift - A PAIR OF SHOES FROM M.A.M.B. OSLO! Every Sunday of Advent we will reveal one giveaway - and December 24th we will choose one lucky girl as the winner of all the four gifts! So far you can win a free course in Positive Psychology at NOCNA and a pair of shoes from M.A.M.B Oslo. Not bad, huh? To be the winner of our calendar giveaways all you have to do is to recruit one of your girlfriends as a member of The Gaia Gang. (And be or sign up as a member yourself). Both you and your friend have to be Oslo based. You can enter at any point during December, and as many times as you like, by having more of your girlfriends signing up as members. Registration:

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