The Gaia Way: Cleansing mind & body for a fresh start

Summer has passed by way too fast and is coming to an end. And slowly but surely, autumn will be sneaking in and surround us with its warm, earthy colours. The season is changing, and so are we.

We navigate through seasons differently. People become happier and feel more alive during the early days of spring, whereas all them good vibes keep growing organically throughout the summer. However, less exposure to sunlight (definitely notable in Scandinavia) affects our mood and behaviour - whether we like it or not.

The Gaia way to approach these changes is simple: we choose to focus on cleansing both mind and body. This is how we prepare ourselves for new beginnings, almost as if we were snakes shedding our skin...

Take a walk

First things first, whenever life feels a bit overwhelming - go for a walk. There's so much power in spending time outdoors and fresh air is perhaps the most underrated form of exercise. Not only is it a mood-booster, it also promotes our mental state by letting go of bodily tension and stress. Just do it, as Nike says. Your body will thank you later.

Get a (beautiful) journal

Writing and journaling may not be for everyone. However, if you haven´t tried it out yet - start now. There are so many benefits from writing down our inner thoughts and emotions that we (subconsciously) hold onto and thereby act on - which inhibit our ability to analyse a given situation rationally. Journaling comes in many different forms, find yours - and make it a habit. We promise, it can be become life-changing. Become an early bird In his book, The miracle morning, Hal Elrod explains so beautifully the many advantages that morning people have. Early mornings is the time when you invest in yourself through meditation, reading, and reflection. Clarity can be achieved, and we mentally prepare ourselves for the day ahead of us. It may not be for everyone, but, numerous studies show that early risers do benefit in terms of reduced stress levels as well as increased productivity. Why not give it a try?

Stay hydrated Finally, it´s all about hydration. Although we´re leaving them hot summer days behind us, it´s still important to stay properly hydrated. For example, make it a habit and start your day with a glass of cold water and lemon (if you´re not already doing it). Main benefits include aiding our digestion and preventing kidney stones.

But, what do we do when water becomes boring? We try something new: Our partnership with RÅjuice Oslo opened our eyes to the world or raw, cold-pressed juice. The juice is made 100% from fruits and vegetables, with NO added ingredients. This allows us to flood our body with all the important nutrients in the most natural way, andt here are so many reasons why we should replace Supermarket juice (made from concentrate) with raw juice. More importantly, once you´ve had a taste of some of the finest from Mother Nature - you´ll be hooked.

So, take home message from today: whichever the path you end up on this autumn, show up prepared. Change is happening now, and we suggest you set aside some me-time: one- or two days is usually good. Allow your body to reconnect with your mind after a (hopefully) stress-free summer. Remember, the season is changing, and so are we. Mental health first, right?