Stay fearless, keep swimming

Why are we so afraid, and what specifically are we afraid of? Shouldn't we “Just do it”, as NIKE says?

Moving out of, and expanding our comfort zone is alpha omega to personal development. For instance, it allows us to be vulnerable and often leaves us with the feeling of being exposed. And although feeling afraid might not be your favourite feeling, it pushes you out there - so that you can grab on to all them possibilities. It´s all about carpe diem, right?

Actually, as I am writing this, I find myself way out of my comfort zone. Sure, I´ve lived abroad during my time at Uni. However, I never imagined myself moving to Sunndalsøra, where I am to be staying for the next two months - away from everything that I am used to, and the people that i love. I am super excited for my internship, still, at the same time - I have never in my entire life felt such loneliness. It´s only temporary, I keep reminding myself. Likewise, Emilie just moved to pretty London - to expand The Gaia Gang, make new connections, and spread good vibes to the people. I can only imagine the butterflies in her stomach that she has had to deal with the past few weeks.

Common for Gaia girls is that they dream, then they dream a little more. We dream, we plan, then we do. And that is how, eventually, Gaia girls become doers. Ultimately: they become achievers. They overcome fear, and they do it together.

Remember, it's all about going for it. Do something that frightens you. Something that pushes you out there and increases your heart rate a little. At the end of the day, the feeling you're left with will be truly amazing. You can do it, and remember that it's perfectly normal to feel scared and all alone. Stay fearless, and keep swimming. Believe in yourself and take one step at a time. Because if not today, then when...?