Sunday Detox: 3 Ways to regain Clarity

Sometimes, Sunday is all about being productive. Other times, Sunday is all about Netflix and chill. Today, it´s the latter - with a touch of personal-development. Why? Because, making time to to do you can help you reach goals in life, and also, increase a healthy sense of self-awareness - a key capability to develop for various reasons (more of this in a future post!). Here are three things to do on a Sunday that can help you connect with your inner self:

1. Digest soul-based material. We live in a time where wisdom is available and accessible from anywhere in the world. I spend so much time and energy on feeding my mind with scientific articles, TED ideas, books, well-written and motivational content. Combined, they provide me with inspiration to live a healthy, happy life.

It´s all about soaking it up: fill your mind with things that matter to you, the things that give life meaning and inspiration. More importantly, digesting soul-based material can inspire you to develop into that kind, authentic person, known for spreading good vibes.

2. Appreciate being alone. Ok, so not everyone would agree that being alone is their favourite thing to do, however, there are several benefits of being comfortable alone. First, being alone is meditative. It´s a chance for self-reflection, appreciation, and gratitude. Second, being alone allows for the mind to wander, and can help us reflect upon life: the one that we are currently living, and the life we wish to be living. Third, being alone triggers our awareness of what it means to be alive: we begin to question our purpose and our passion in life.

3. Create sacred evening/morning time. There´s no need to set aside more than 10-15 minutes in the evening/morning. Even 5 minutes will do. Spend your time wisely and tune into what you want to create and experience. For example, light some candles, dim the lights, and put on some relaxation music. Visualize how your day was and/or your day unfolding the way that you want. Ask yourself this: how do you really feel right now; what are you excited about; what good things happened today? This small practice will definitely make you feel better and help you regain clarity during a busy week.