Autumn Favourites: Korean Skincare

Hi beauties! This post is in collaboration with one of our amazing partners, The Pop Up Vault. This season, it´s all about healthy looking skin and enhancing natural beauty. And korean skincare/beauty products in particular, have conquered our hearts here in the West. Over the past weeks I´ve been fortunate to try out the Skin & Lab Pink Clay Facial Mask, and Dr.Jart+´s Brightening Solution (both products are all natural, organic, and cruelty-free!). Keep reading for a mini review of these lovely products.

Skin & Lab Pink Clay mask: This clay mask is different from the other clay masks I´ve used, and it work wonders. With its gentle formula, it targets areas such as pores and problem-areas. The texture is super soft and applies easily. Also, it doesn´t dry out. Skin feels cleansed and pure after use. I give it a rating: 4/5, only because I thought the mask would draw out impurities the same way charcoal nose strips do. Still, it such a great product!

Dr. Jart+: Having tried out Dr.Jart+ Hydration Lover Rubber mask (which feels SO good on the skin),

I expected this would deliver the same quality and results. This ultra-fine microfiber sheet mask has a creamy texture, leaves the skin feel super soft and revives dull skin. More of Dr.Jart+ please! 5/5!

Pro tip: I always keep my sheet-masks in the fridge, for that extra soothing effect.

Happy Monday <3