Stress-busting tips for the festive season

(Adapted from my blog: Good morning lovelies! Here are some tips and tricks for the festive season. There is still so much to do, and so little time (this should´ve been posted a long time a go...). Nevertheless, to make this season a memorable one, it´s important that we don´t sweat the small stuff.

Keep reading for some stress-busting tips that can help us get through this holiday as stress-free as possible.

Visualize. Our brains are constantly using the process of visualization, and historically, everything around is created because people had this mental idea/image of something that did not exist: we can´t create something if we cannot imagine it. In fact, it´s also a powerful tool used in sports as it helps people enhance performance. Further, visualization is a useful tool that allow us to achieve life goals.

Let it go. Let go of the idea of a perfect Christmas and NYE. SoMe and Pinterest (love both!) are packed with so many of them perfect images. They sort of set the standard for what it means to have a "successful" season. But, as we all know - they are just that. Images. Images of what we want to see. They are inspiring and magical, but we need to remember that most of us don´t have time to put this much effort in all of this. Of course, decorating is fun, but don´t be disappointed if it doesn´t look the same as what you see elsewhere. It´s your festive season, and we do it differently. Make it a memorable one, rather than an instagrammable one.

Breathe. I haven´t made time lately to practice stretching and breathing. This is something I keep repeating in my blog posts, but meditation and investing in me-time is gold. I really want it to become a part of my bedtime routine again, because 5 minutes of relaxation does wonders for mind, body, and soul. Check out one of Adriene´s videos below for some great ways to let go of tension, she is really good.