Want to be more creative this weekend?

Go for a walk. Yes, it´s as simple as that.

Our bodies were made to move. And thanks to evolution, we evolved into the first hominids with the trait that allowed us to walk upright on two legs: bipedalism. Specifically, bipedalism gave us two distinct advantages: it helped us gaze longer into the landscape, which in turn, helped us quickly identify prey and predator. Secondly, the ability to walk turned us into efficient communicators. As social animals, we were given the ability to signal and communicate across large expanses. More importantly for this post, some also argue that walking and creativity developed together.

We have all experienced how sitting in general, produces unpleasant feelings. Unfortunately, this is one of the trade-offs that has come with the modern lifestyle. There is extensive research on this topic, but a general take home message is that there are so many benefits of moving a little more each day. Of course, some of us are already physically active! However, don´t forget that little things also count. Keep reading to discover how a simple walk can get your creative juices flowing this weekend.

Change your environment. It might sound really obvious, but changing our environment does help. Walking itself, for instance, has the ability to bring forth innovation, improve cognition and regularly maintain our memory.

Walk at a comfortable pace. Whatever physical activity you engage in, choose wisely. Do something that isn´t taking a lot of your attention (e.g., HIIT training). Walking is all about being present, and allowing our brain to access our most sophisticated cognitive abilities.

Don´t dwell on one idea forever. For various reasons, you might not be feeling it. That´s ok, we can simply come back to our ideas later. Because, often, it is only when we´re not actively thinking that we come up with great ideas.

❤️ I hope this post inspires you to get outside! And if today is not the day for creative juices, you can always try again tomorrow. At least you did your body a favor, you´ll thank yourself later.