Simple ways to find and maintain zen this summer

Blog post adapted from my personal blog here. Zen is all about slowing down. It´s about trying not to worry about the things that we cannot change. And this summer, being more zen is definitely something we should practice more, as our minds tend to be elsewhere and it's time for vacay.

As I wrote in one of my Instagram posts, it´s not easy to slow down in today´s fast paced world. We tend to keep our emotions to ourselves, they bottle up, and we convince ourselves that we’re ok. So to me, self-care becomes than just a beauty routine or a habit. It´s about connecting with our emotions and checking in on yourself once in a while. This way, we can find calm within the chaos. Here are four simple ways to help you find and maintain Zen this summer: Consider what´s important in your life. It´s important that we reflect upon the life that we´re living and practice gratitude. More importantly, perhaps, should we consider the things that we cannot live without. This will of course be different from person to person. For me, family and friends, as well as my interests are essential. Reading and learning about the world around me and focusing on wellbeing is essential. For others, it could be something different.

Make cleaning and cooking meditation. There´s something about cleaning that helps me declutter my mind and makes me feel good. I am eager to learn more about this in Marie Kondo´s book (the life-changing magic of tidying up), and also how to say goodbye to things (i.e., how to live a simple life) by Fumio Sasaki.

Do one thing at the time. Stop multitasking. I know, we all want to be superhuman from time to time, but multitasking doesn´t really help anyone. We are more productive and proactive when we focus our attention on one thing at the time, and I mean one thing only.

Inhale, exhale (let it go). When we hold on to something, it limits us such that we aren´t fully present and cannot become what Carl Rogers called The fully functioning person. There might be various reasons why we´re holding on, but the first step is always to choose to let go.